10 Anal Sex Tips To Know Before The Butt Play

anal sex tips

There is no better way to receive anal sex tips other than from a pornstar. Sexy Asian girl, Mia Li, is here for all of you to share with you tips and tricks how to have pleasurable butt sex. And she might just be at the perfect location to talk about the bum fun.

You don’t need to know that much about vaginal sex, however, when it comes to asshole play, you do need to educate yourself about it. Never, ever in your life go for it without any knowledge and preparation. This goes both for girls and guys. Sure, dudes don’t need much preparation other than growing a boner (except for the gay people). But for a healthy and exciting anal intercourse, you both need to know what you are doing.


It takes girls some time to really get used to it so make sure you do not rush it. Not to mention, girls (and guys) do play with your butt first all by yourself. Apply the lube and massage the anus first. You will start experiencing pleasurable sensation only by massaging the outside of your backdoor. Stinky is very sensitive and does not need much to get your body to tremble.

The number one thing you should be aware of before the butt fun is to not do it if your body is refusing it. Do not force yourself into something if it does not feel right. You do not need to suffer. Every kind of sexual experience should feel good. Whether you are playing with yourself or you go kinky with a partner, you should always enjoy yourself first.

Speaking of partner and introducing others to your anal journey, make sure you talk about it. Conversation matters. Before you do anything to your asshole, have a thorough conversation with the one you want to spend intimate anal sex moments with. Speak about what feels right and what you aren’t comfortable with. Be honest.


The best anal sex tips you need before you put your stinky to use

1. It’s not for everyone

Sometimes your body just won’t work with anal, and there is no shame in that. By all means, do not force yourself into something if your body is refusing it. Never.

2. Develop healthy butt habits

Do have a diet that does not irritate your bowels. Say no to tacos!
Make sure you wipe with stuff that won’t scrape up your butthole. You know, that rough paper that hurts your ass when you clean it. That’s a big no-no. For instance, the dry stuff you find all over the place is your enemy.
Hint: Baby wipes are the best and should become your best friend.

3. Be patient

Ass play is very delicate and you cannot just expect to shove large objects up your butt straightaway. It takes time to train your ass to be stretchy and ready for a satisfying penetration. Do not rush. Rushing is probably one of the best ways to injure your butthole.


4. Relax

One of the key parts to a pleasuring bum sex is to have your body and mind completely relaxed. Breath and be calm and, very importantly, be in the mood. Make sure you are in sync with your body and you get yourself excited enough and your butthole comfortable to have a more fruitful experience with your butt and putting stuff in it.

5. Anal is a time investment

Needless to say, it takes time to get ready for the stinky action. Cleaning it, stretching it and also the aftercare. It’s completely unrealistic to just decide to play with your butt five minutes from now and expect to have a porno anal sex. Not happening.

6. Figure out what fits you best

There is not a universal one size fits all sex toy that can go into you. Every ass is different. Not to mention, what you can do to it today can vary to what you can do to it tomorrow. Asses are tricky. You really need to figure it out yourself. Shape, size, density and all these things matter.

7. It can get (really) messy

We all know that sex can be messy, especially when it comes to ass sex. Whatever you stick in it, it will eventually come out. Butt jelly, lube, the second wave of poo and just a lot of other things that can get out of your body. You can get away with it by having sex under the shower, however, water will probably wash away your lube. That is certainly one of the things that you do not want to happen.

Hint: you can (and you should) use a condom, plus proper lubrication, with your first anal sex experience. As for the lube, use water (most recommended) or silicone based lubes. Don’t use the oil-based lubricants, like, never.


8. Control the mess (clean out)

It is highly encouraging to clean your butt beforehand. You can clean out with things like enema or an enema hot bag. You do want to have clean anal walls for fulfilling butt sex.

9. Check in with your ass

For the longevity of your bum, make sure you check in with it. It is normal to find little hot spots of friction, little tears and other nuisance. In what shape you butt is after sex will help you determine if you used enough lube, what worked and what did not work.
Make sure you butthole is healthy.

10. Try it by yourself first

According to Mia Li, she highly encourages people to try anal by themselves first. You know best what feels right, what your boundaries and limits are. Simply figure out how to make that experience feel the best it can before you involve other people.

As I always say and will say it again, never stop experimenting with sex. Make it fun and exciting. You may easily unlock new horizons of satisfaction that may feel even better compared to what you practiced so far. But have one thing in mind, never rush with any new act and always speak about it. Not to mention, a bit of education never hurt anybody.


  1. docmabuse says:

    What to say : your partner must agree to have anal sex first.
    yes, I have tried anal sex and my partner did it mostly to please me and as far I am concerned is only a a tighter hole, but, of course, I would never make anal sex with a woman whose ass isn’t totally ” clean ” since faecal coliform can provoke very serious diseases as well as anal pathologies to whom receive anal sex.
    I know many people who work like doctors, nurses, male nurses and some of them has told so many ” weird ” situations related to anal sex or objects insertion into the orifice…..
    Porno actresses are ” well trained ” to make anal sex , so, do it with care…
    Regarding the actual porno industry the websites that ” deal ” anal sex are very appreciated by gays as well…they would like to be the girl who is sodomized as well.
    Many ” hetero ” porno actors worked in gay porno as well where the ” size “does matters

  2. rokr says:

    Have you tried anal yet? How was it?

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