April 5, 2017
anal sex tips

10 Anal Sex Tips To Know Before The Butt Play

There is no better way to receive anal sex tips other than from a pornstar. Sexy Asian girl, Mia Li, is here for all of you to share with you tips and tricks how to have pleasurable butt sex. And she might just be at the perfect location to talk […]
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February 7, 2017
how long sex should last

This Is Exactly How Long Sex Should Last

Should we blame porn for the length of the desired sex? Before we reveal the actual numbers, let’s make something clear first. It does not really matter how long the sex should last for as long as you and your partner are both fulfilled. Whether that means 5 minutes, 14 […]
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January 10, 2017
period sex

8 Tips How To Have Period Sex And Not Freak Out

You both thought about period sex, however, you are afraid of doing it. You are not the only one. Still, there is a ton of folks out there who do not have a problem having sex when the girl is having menstruation. Even during the first, most bloody day. Hey, […]
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November 30, 2016
how to please a man

How To Please A Man, The Anatomy Of Male Pleasure

Just as women are complicated when it comes to getting them aroused and orgasm, it’s important to learn how to please a man, too. Sure, getting a dude rock solid is way easier that making a babe wet and her clit swell. What to say, we guys are very simple […]
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November 2, 2016
dating apps

Dating Apps Can Actually Find You That Special One

Guys and girls, yes, with dating apps you can find that dream person you always fantasized about. It might sound silly hearing me speaking of special one, dream person and perfect partner on a porn site, however, I am serious as fuck. Although it may be stupid and taboo and […]
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Vporn Education Section

Since we are firm believers that pornography, mixed with sex education, can be highly beneficial for you, the launch of Vporn Blog’s Educational section was highly needed. While searching that right teacher to tutor you about sex, blowjobs, how to lick a pussy and other whatnots, look no further. Get all the tips, tricks and guidance from the best in the world. Sometimes, that does not mean from an actual adult actress/actor. Not to mention, it does not always need to be dead serious when learning new stuff. Just like lovemaking is fun, let’s make the educational part of it fun and entertaining, too. Bring out the laughter and joy and experiment with new things as much as possible. Join us on this awesome learning journey through videos and articles from current and ex- pornstars, as well as sex eds. Hint: you can always become an even better lover than you already are.