March 29, 2017
how far did pornstars get in school

Find Out How Far Your Dearest Pornstars Got In School

Pretty much most of the time people think that pornstars are uneducated folks who were probably sexual abused as children or harassed in one form or another. But is this really the case? Why do people have this stupid impression about adult film stars? Does it really mean that if […]
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March 23, 2017
pornstars describe their vaginas

21 Sexy Pornstars Describe Their Vaginas

Pussies are just like cocks, they are of all shapes and sizes. Tiny, fat, puffy, with big lips, cute, pretty, bushy, you name it. Some look like a flower while the others are smooth and clean, the kind where everything is on the inside aka inny. Have you ever heard […]
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March 22, 2017
harley jade

Harley Jade Porn Videos Will WOW You Every Time

Are you ready to get blown away by the incredibly hot and versatile sex action from yours truly, Harley Jade? Do I even need to ask, right? We are all always down for the fun times Harley has in front of the camera all by herself, with a large shaft […]
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March 9, 2017
pornstars owe 500,000 blowjobs

Pornstars Carmen And Lauren Owe 500,000 Blowjobs

To everyone’s surprise, pornstars Carmen Valentina and Lauren Phillips now owe 500,000 blowjobs to their trusty Twitter followers. Why everyone’s surprise? Well, whoever watched the Superbowl was 100% sure that the Patriots will not win. The deal was, if Patriots win the game, Carmen and Lauren will offer blowjobs and […]
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March 8, 2017
is porn harmful to couples

Pornstars Discuss If Porn Is Harmful To Couples

Can watching porn be good for your relationship? Typically, I hit play and later read comments. This time I did the complete opposite and must say that reading all the comments about Rain Degrey really pumped me up for the video. I kind of really like her idea of putting […]
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